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Tariff Finder helps reduce costs, improve productivities and increase customers satisfactions

Is Your Business Providing Up-To-Date Customs Tariff Guidelines And Rates To Your Valuable Customers?

  • Clients switching to your competitors due to inaccurate customs tariff information?
  • Often unaware of Customs amendments?
  • Spending lots of money buying tariff books each year?
  • Having problems finding correct tariff codes?
  • Updating Customs amendments manually?
  • Spending too much time on Customs tariff related matters?
  • Going through too much trouble providing tariff information to customers?
  • Are you aware that there is an average of at least one customs amendment per month?
  • Your highly skilled experts raters spend a significant portion of their time doing routine classifications when they could be deployed doing revenue-generating activities.
  • Your customer shipments are delayed while you determine or correct commodity codes.
Don’t RISK losing your customers by being outdated!
Today’s customs brokerage environment is one of increasing expectations. Customers are demanding brokers handle more “high-burden” responsibilities like compliance checking and electronic data submissions, while at the same time expecting greater visibility across the supply chain and lower transaction fees. Coupled with increasingly vigorous competition for customers, opportunities are at a premium, and loses felt more intensely than ever. Compliance with Government initiatives is of paramount importance, especially given the recent promulgation of severe monetary fines and prison sentences for legislative violations. Customers expect that their supply chain partners are ‘in the know’ regarding compliance requirements, and are doing all they can to ensure client business interests are protected.

In these challenging times, technology provides answers. But simple automation is not enough. Is your compliance software solution giving transparency to your customers? Is it helping you maximize corporate wisdom and streamline your operation, thereby allowing you to offer competitive rates? Is it able to fulfill compliance requirements electronically and in an intuitive fashion? These are not just ‘wish-list’ requirements; these are necessary functional capabilities.

Tariff Finder understands the challenges you’re facing. Our experience allows us to design and implement robust, scalable and intuitive customs compliance software solutions that are the very cutting-edge of automation technology. Whether your needs lie in import clearance and compliance, export documentation and process management, or commodity classification, our recognize solutions offer customs house brokers the competitive edge.

Put the power of our experience to work for you!

Tariff Finder addresses the following key challenges:

  • Deploy scarce expert-level personnel to activities where they are most needed
  • Improve collaboration between brokers, importers, and suppliers to deliver accurate results.
  • Eliminate lengthy, manual searches through reference materials and product databases.
  • Increase the speed to perform classification.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering instant, accurate information.
  • Reduce your risk of non-compliance liability.
  • Improve employee classification skills and enhance organizational knowledge.
  • Assure your ability to service clients in the long term and to mitigate the impact of loss of key personnel.